Yasmeen Olya ~ Olya Arts

Yasmeen Amina Olya was born in the prairies of Northern Canada, she is of Meti, Welsh Scottish, Norwegian and British heritage. She has travelled the world with her art and music. Yasmeen is both french speaking and english speaking. She is a singer songwriter, a Celtic harpist, a glossolalia vocalist, a performance artist and visual artist having worked for years as a commission artist, painter. Her subject matter is widely varied, her most recent works are highly feminine and expound on studied appreciation for beauty in nature and human form. Yasmeen composes her artwork with a variety of mediums, oil, acrylic, water color, pencil and mixed media. Yasmeen has published three signature albums Yasmeens Song, Oceans Rising and My Secret Garden see the shop, she has multiple signature paintings which are available to be viewed in her Olya Art Portfolio pdf here prints can be ordered through the shop page .

Yasmeen is a Sufi, her music and art speaks to her profound spiritual nature, which speaks to Unity across cultures and peoples, shared humanity, the experience of being a mother as a sacred vocation.

Yasmeen was recently diagnosed with cancer and is on a journey to try to heal ~ donations for her healing journey can be made at the donation page here.


Yasmeen’s Own Words Regarding Music:

I feel that music and art are both profound emotionally available work, they seem to conquer boundaries of language and cultural bias, they delve into the inexpressible and express it. Music is particularly emotionally strong, your entire being reacts with it’s stimulus. Sound can be a way of achieving balance in life. When we lose our balance it is because the inner ear has become impaired. The natural world is essentially the most heavenly music, listening to the natural symphony of wind, of birds, of moving natural reality we are transported and soothed innately. My music is not something that I feel comes from my individual mind, but is formed by my attempt to free unlimited spectrum of sound and emotional expression. Performance of music is not only the pre organized and repeated practice of the form of it, but the ability to feel the music freely move through us, and then through the audience, the music empathizes with the souls of all those listening and speaks to the loving silence they have created of their own hearts to hear the music speak.

We seek through the longing to understand and grow in the depths of ourselves, the agony and the ecstasy of our lived experience. Both music and art speaks freely into that dimension and deeply impacts our lives. That is why people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, cultures and countries come in droves every year to view the Sistine Chapel, or listen to the excellence of a musical prodigy. Look to your humanity, the depths of darkness the heights of light in both music and art, we feel the nuance and wonder and we are reminded that our consciousness is limitless as we are a part of the greater Collective, one with the Oneness, the Highest the Infinite and immeasurable Love Constant.