Stay for a while and dream, dream into the beginning of things, the soft fluttering of winged consciousness in the deep places of your heart.


Welcome to Yasmeen Song, the home for the art and music for Yasmeen Olya.

Yasmeen works with both her art, poetry and music to speak to Unity, Oneness in all things, transcending the boundaries of culture and language to speak to the heart center in humanity globally. Yasmeen sings in tongues, or using glossolalia, language or sound without words, by so doing she sings to hearts without letting the mind interfere with the melody. She play’s the Celtic harp and composes her music improvisationally. Yasmeen is also a visual artist, her subject matter is centered around beauty and abundance in nature and humanity and most especially the heart center between mother and child, in family.

Here Yasmeen is now offering art lessons and music lessons, she is also offering herself as an illustrator and commission artist for those interested in commissioning her art work. In the store, you will find various products produced by the artist for instance; prints of her paintings available for purchase, cd’s and mp3’s available of her music, pdf coloring books for download. On the blog you will be able to follow her current commission work, any gallery showings, performances, and ongoing projects.

The sister site to this site is Yasmeen Olya’s activist initiative; “Oh Mother” an initiative seeking Mother Work’s formal recognition by government and legislature, in policy and jurisprudence as a recognized legal occupation. To read more about this initiative or to support it, visit the website.

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