Yasmeen’s Healing Journey.

A visual artist, musician and mother of four children. Last year, September 2022, Yasmeen was diagnosed with cancer and she needs all financial supports possible to surmount the cancer. Holistic alternative treatments for cancer are the last resort, highly comprehensive in Europe, in Milan, doctors work from around the world together on these treatments for cell reversal, renewal, and such centers of medicine are very costly.

This is the last resort as far as treatments are available to surmount Yasmeen’s form of cancer. She underwent the full standard medical treatments, however the cancer metastasized and she has a short time now according to standard medicine, so time is of the essence. With these alternative therapies Yasmeen has been experiencing renewed energy and hope. She prays to be able to raise enough to continue these therapies and hopefully conquer this cancer. Please donate if you can.

Yasmeen needs our ongoing support to see herself through this healing.

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Yasmeen is offering her Mothering Coloring Book on PDF for download( to print) for free as a gift, in exchange for donations, as well as her album Yasmeen’s Song, which you can download here. Please see the links below:

Click here to download Yasmeen’s Mother Light Coloring book for free.

Click here to download Yasmeen’s Song CD Free.

Yasmeen’s Journey in photos