• Ocean Voyage Wind
  • Winter Song
  • Time is like strings placed over the heart. The hand of God play’s them intuitively and with perfect mastery, beautiful music slow and sad, or calm and tranquil, joyful, the music is predestined and entirely unique. So let go and dance, resistance is futile and will only result in more suffering and remember there is no end to this symphony, the instrument is precious hammered into form by angelic wings. Yasmeen
  • Nour
    My mother say’s; “Go into the garden and use your hands my daughter, then the unseen one’s will see your good Will and help you.” ~Yasmeen and her <3 Mother Nour – the children’s book I have written and intend one day to finish illustrating and eventually publish! Water color on paper, graphite and archival […]
  • Mother Earth
    The armor she wears is not what you think, neither does it exist in her mind, nor does she sew it around her with any seams which are made of her own devices. Her armor exists in the constructs of the earthly rules, of light of darkness, of soft and hard, the push to live […]
  • Mothers Embrace
    ┬áRose, mixed into light wielding a bright beautiful flag, she strings from her head with thousands of pearls made by the tiny cries she has responded to selflessly for years at all times and unbendingly dedicated, these now spill over her, pearls, dripping over her body, they have anointed her face. Yasmeen Mother’s Embrace acrylic […]
  • Poise
    Cropped detail of Poise. Poise reflects on balance and dignity acrylic on canvas 16/24 inches. So too I have been lost, and I have been found, I have been abandoned and I have been assisted. I am not deluded by some presumption of my personal superiority, I am just tired of not saying anything when […]
  • Free
    So you plunge your spear into her waking mind and she moves like a missile through the ocean, her target the pain of your ineptitudes, not because she does not love you but because she does, and so she will hit them with the fury of her righteousness and burn them out of you until […]
  • Forever
    Forever is not a concept, it is a reality, forget everything I have said if you have taken it to mean that I am something. I am forever, I am eternity if I am anything, neither am I here, nor am I there, I have not been born and neither do I die, I am […]
  • Wedding of Mymoona
    This is not me loving you, these are the cries of your unborn children longing to love you through me Amazing what God makes of men and women’s hearts, like toys in the fabric of creation, you can be way over in the middle of Siberia, digging in the snow and freezing your bum off, […]
  • Window
    Who are you little sister? Sitting by the window winding wool, the long strands tell the stories of the many sisters all around the world who have sat spinning. She lean’s out of the window and see’s the other women moving on the balconies in the afternoon, cleaning and tidying and hanging out wet fabrics […]
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
    Virgin of GaudeloupPainted for Catherine SchweigCatherine has commissioned three works from me, she is an incredible woman of huge light and power. A mother and community light worker. I have been honored to paint for her and her beautiful path of feminine strength. This painting required a certain amount of study and Catherine carefully directed me with […]
  • Chalice of Peace
    I demand of you integrity, I demand it of you. This is not a gathering for the weak minded, this is a gathering of the strongest hearts. Only the strongest among you can sit here and listen, I am a chalice of peace, you have no right to sit here if you are not ready […]
  • Hold this Burning Branch
     Hold this burning branch and do not cry, hold it in your arms and do not weep, the fire has gone out with the breath of your acceptance of it. I am sitting in the fire my love, sitting at the bedside of the sick and dying, I am sitting at the birth and at […]
  • Dalai Lama
    A painting painted while studying Buddhismpeace and light