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Mother Light ~ The Colouring Book

Mother Light
This colouring book lovingly illustrated and written by Yasmeen Olya, compiles unique beautifully sensitive and empowering images for the work of Mothers. The subject matter in these pages speak to the sacred journey in motherhood, self care, oasis, family life and rhythm in nature, the joy In motherhood and meeting it’s challenges, grief process and healing, love and the bond between mother and child.

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Mothers Embrace

This painting I used the photography by Nell Dor Who compiled and published the book “Mother and Child” one of the most beautiful books celebrating motherhood. In it there are exquisite photos of Tasha Tudor and her children. Tasha Tudor is an icon of a woman who chose traditional living in the face of modernity and worked as an accomplished children’s illustrator during her long life. This is a link to the book : Mother and Child by Nell Dor

Mothers Embrace ~ Mother and Child in the Garden Acrylic on canvas 14/22 inches 
Prints on canvas and paper are available here:

My reference, this exquisite photo taken by Nell Dor Of Tasha Tudor with her baby. 

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Time is like strings placed over the heart. The hand of God play’s them intuitively and with perfect mastery, beautiful music slow and sad, or calm and tranquil, joyful, the music is predestined and entirely unique. So let go and dance, resistance is futile and will only result in more suffering and remember there is no end to this symphony, the instrument is precious hammered into form by angelic wings. Yasmeen

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My mother say’s; “Go into the garden and use your hands my daughter, then the unseen one’s will see your good Will and help you.”

~Yasmeen and her <3 Mother

Nour – the children’s book I have written and intend one day to finish illustrating and eventually publish! Water color on paper, graphite and archival inks. Life in the day of a Sufi Girl Nour and her little brother Jamal.

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Mother Earth

The armor she wears is not what you think, neither does it exist in her mind, nor does she sew it around her with any seams which are made of her own devices. Her armor exists in the constructs of the earthly rules, of light of darkness, of soft and hard, the push to live and create life in the depths of the earth that spring ceaselessly and fluidly through to unfurl in green shoots, leaves, buds, flowers and fruit to return and repeat the cycle and rule of life’s earnest union with it’self.


Commission for Catherine Schweig – Mother Earth acrylic on canvas