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Winter Song

2 thoughts on “Winter Song

  1. Hi Yasmeen

    I am seeking permission to use an extract of your song O Habibi on a YouTube video I am making of our recent Church Service.
    We are Glasgow Unitarian Church, Scotland. Due to lockdown restrictions, we have gone online for our services and we are trying to bring them to a wider audience by making videos of them. The piece would be clearly attributed to you, in the video. Your work will not be monetised by us. Our videos are not a money making opportunity for us, merely a way to publicise who we are.
    Can I take the opportunity to say how much I love this tune.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Ali , yes feel free to use my music with attribution to my person within it. Peace and light and more inspiration to you and your works!
      Sincerely Yasmeen

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