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Who are you little sister? Sitting by the window winding wool, the long strands tell the stories of the many sisters all around the world who have sat spinning. She lean’s out of the window and see’s the other women moving on the balconies in the afternoon, cleaning and tidying and hanging out wet fabrics in the wind. You bring the cycle of nature into your home, each sweeping motion of your broom is an inner wind, each sopping cloth of water washing is the inner rain, each thread the gathering of many threads, an inner family, community, the dignity of humanities dress. You are not alone sister, you are not alone. Light gave birth to you, you shall return to light, your hands move wind, water, earth, air, fire into creativity rhythmically blessing your home, crowning you, you are the hive sister, you are the measure of all things, both great and small. As great and vast as the cosmos and beyond, as miniscule and immeasurable as that atom that observed the plank that observed the…… This is not smallness and this is not greatness this is You, sister, never alone, sitting winding wool by the window.


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