Music Lessons

Welcome to my music lessons.

I will be teaching via zoom or skype virtually and one on one with students who are interested in learning the Celtic Harp and or Vocalization with me.

Firstly I must inform you that I will be teaching music using the oral tradition, not by reading, but by developing memory and learning to compose through intuiting sound. I will teach the form of playing the harp, hand position, exercise to strengthen hand position, tuning by ear, understanding the pitch and resonance, understanding breathing and posture, shapes to practice, rhythm and tension.

For singing I will teach the form of singing through vocal range growth and breathing techniques to free up the abdomen when singing. Control and posture, and most importantly encouragement to sing and express through sound the living experience.

I am excited to meet some students and begin the journey in music together. Please use the contact form to contact me and we will set up organization and timing for our lessons.

Peace and Light

Yasmeen Olya