Art Lessons

I am offering Art Lesson’s to those interested in learning from me. I will be teaching virtually through Skype or Zoom. Instead of creating a series of instructional videos which people could purchase and view, I would prefer to work in a teaching capacity with my students individually and work with the skills they already have as well as to help them succeed in the goals they hope to attain in visual art. A working, learning teacher student relationship.

My art lesson’s teach traditional art study and rendering. I will teach sketching as a base and move on from that into the vibrant universe of color study, understanding mediums which will lead into painting with acrylic, oils and or water color techniques.

Mother’s Embrace – acrylic on canvas

My method of teaching involves first sketching and understanding dark and light conceptual rendering, we will also work in blind contour to loosen up the arm and mind in order to properly study our subjects. We will study still life and moving subjects. landscape and life drawing. We will also research into historical artist’s works in order to study and learn from their works. I will also teach breathing techniques as we move into the area’s of letting go and letting the art breath, walking and memorization, thumbnail studies and looking at our work from different perspective’s to enhance our rendering of the subjects.

Light and dark are the primary basis for rendering any subject, understanding plains and developing our line work, our gestures while forming plains. Regardless of your level as a visual artist this study is essential and always good to refer back to and study again and again. When rendering anything, light and dark balance, negative space versus positive space composition, understanding structures is key and we will go into depth studying this.

Once we have developed a base in sketching we will move on to color study and particularly medium study and getting to know your surface medium, your brushes and how to strengthen our artistic works by greater understanding of them. Color study is very important and is something artists will continue to study their entire lives. Understanding mixing colors and blending them. The expression of the work, creating mood and ambiance with color. Acrylic painting is worked dark to light and it is the opposite for water color painting worked light to dark, applying more and more layers.

I am excited to meet some students and take time to develop a teacher student relationship with you in your artistic discovery and learning. Please feel free to contact me via the contact form and I we can discuss timing and organization.

Peace and Light

Yasmeen Olya