Yasmeen Olya's Art

Yasmeen composes her various subjects by gently persuading the eye into the drawing, using soft forms. Large brush strokes and suggested surroundings create ambiance for the intended focal subject. The primary subject is carefully composed with finer detail. She create using different mediums: oil, acrylic, water color, chalk, and graphite in traditionally applied methods. You can purchase prints here.

Note from the Artist

I simply delight in creating, I cannot help myself, everything is an artistic project a lovely exciting possibility...mmmm the colors, shapes, patterns. How blessed I feel to be able to play in beautiful color and shape, to experience each day's myriad wonders and be given the opportunity to celebrate them with color. All my children deepen my artistic senses by sharing their joy in creating, especially my youngest child, his absolute delight in the feeling and texture, the motion of the paint applied with brush or fingers, as though the paint in the color were an extension of his own being. We remember being children and dreaming into what "we will be", when it is in fact us dreaming into "who we truly are".

Rubby red strawberries, abstract shapes, deep turqouise leaves, white speckled daisies, blue and white dancing patterns, gentle faces, birds and pokadots, those are my subjects this summer, and I am sooo enjoying them all!


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