Yasmeen Amina Olya is an international alternative artist, self directed, self published. Visual artist, singer song-writer, celtic harpist and singer. Yasmeen sing’s using glossolalia, or (speaking in tongues) a fluid expression of consonants and vowels, a capella or accompanied by her often improvised Celtic harp compositions. Yasmeen works in various mediums, both musical and artistic, incorporating her writing poetry, dance, illustrations and paintings into her various projects. She is currently working on her third album which we hope to have published by November 2017. Please subscribe for updates.

Yasmeen’s music has been used in different media’s primarily for therapeutic healing objectives and charitable productions, i.e. Marisol to help end violence against women, and on the title track by DansMeditation.se, The Ocean and the Sky Album 2016, and in various other independent publications. Yasmeen’s career in visual art and music spans twelve years between France and Canada.